Quentin Le Lidec

Inria, Ecole Normale Supérieure.


Office C408

2 rue Simone Iff

75012, Paris, France

I am a Ph.D. student under the supervision of Justin Carpentier, Ivan Laptev and Cordelia Schmid. I work in the WILLOW team in Paris, which is a joint team between INRIA Paris, ENS Paris and CNRS.

Prior to that, I received an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique and a MSc degree in Mathematics, Computer Vision and Machine Learning from Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay.

My research interests lie in Machine Learning, Optimization, Computer Vision and their applications to Robotics.


Sep 15, 2021 Our paper Differentiable Rendering with Perturbed Optimizers was accepted to NeurIPS’21 !

Selected publications

  1. Differentiable simulation for physical system identification
    Le Lidec, Quentin, Kalevatykh, Igor, Laptev, Ivan, Schmid, Cordelia, and Carpentier, Justin
    IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2021